global glo‧bal [ˈgləʊbl ǁ ˈgloʊ-] adjective
1. including and considering all the parts of a situation together, rather than the individual parts separately:

• The auditor's report takes a global view of the figures.

2. ECONOMICS affecting or involving the whole world:

• Information and money are becoming increasingly global.

• Global banks must be able to serve the financing needs of corporations, big and small, anywhere in the world.

• We need to reduce operating costs in the face of increased global competition.

• The US competes in a global market and can't ignore interest rates in other countries.

3. go global COMMERCE if a company or industry goes global, it starts doing business all over the world:

• The design agency went global in the 90s and today deals with all the Japanese, German and U.S. car makers.

— globally adverb :

• The Wall Street Journal has learned to think globally while operating regionally.

* * *

global UK US /ˈgləʊbəl/ adjective
including or affecting the whole world: »

The President argued that technology and his energy plans ""will help us to confront the serious challenge of global climate change.""


a global catastrophe/problem

considering or relating to all parts of a situation or subject: »

This report gives a global picture of the company's finances.

go global — Cf. go global
globally adverb

The company has to be able to compete globally.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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